10 Key Features to Consider before Buying WordPress Theme for your Law firm Website

If you ever had chances to visit websites of law firms to find lawyers/attorneys at the beginning of 2014 or 2015, I guess, either you might have been bored or get frustrated for the mundane appearance, right? Why were the legal websites found outdated and wouldn’t be developed following the modern trend? It’s because: In those days, people were accustomed to finding lawyers making phone calls, or consulting with friends and relatives, or paying a direct visit to the nearest local law stations.

But in 2016 things evolved a lot, around the 40% people of the world population are now connected with the internet according to Internet Live Stats and the number is increasing exponentially. If you are a professional lawyer, don’t have a website or have a website can’t attract targeted clients, It’s time to set out a new or makeover your existing website with elegantly crafted design and client convincing features. Because nowadays people are fond of the internet, million of people can successfully find skilled lawyers/attorneys scanning through the web. Aren’t convinced yet?

According to the research conducted by LexisNexis, In United States, 110 million consumers seek legal consent at least one in their whole lifespan, 48 million looks for an attorney, and 78% of them use the internet to find the best lawyers for their lawsuits.

I bet you’re convinced, thinking to create a website that clients can easily find while making searches in the search engines, right?

Making a visitor and searching loving legal website is not an easy job, if you don’t know which features will make your website successful and effective, the post is for you. In this article, I’m going to put together the must-have features that a law firm owner should check before placing an order for the best responsive WordPress themes.

Aesthetic Design

best design
Beautiful design is the most crucial part of websites for law firms. It symbolizes your firm’s professionalism and personality,  engages the visitors and provides the perfect massage. But website visitors tend to move fast from website to websites in quest of best attorneys to settle their disputes like Bankruptcy, Personal Injury, Real Estates etc.

If they find your site design unappealing and content presentation confusing, you are going to lose 55% of potential customers fewer than 15 seconds founded by HubSpot.

Responsive Design

mobile friendly

As the technologies are evolving every day, the website viewing devices are getting disseminated. Today’s websites are not only visited by desktop users, it getting populated by smartphones, tablets, and other large to small screen devices.  If your favorite legal and attorney WordPress theme can’t get tailored with high-resolution screens to small mobile devices, your site going to lose visitors and get penalized by Google.

If you are still paying no heed to site viewing platforms and going to take a perfunctory decision, you should get into your site analytics. I bet you would be amazed because about more than 2 billion people use mobile phone globally.

Lightweight & Fast loading

page speed

Suppose you are in an unfavorable situation for civil and criminal disputes, expect experienced and prominent someone to settle your cases down in the quickest possible time. In the meantime, you trying to get into a website to find a suitable lawyer/ attorney, that is loading infinitely. What you do, you would abandon the site, right? The same does 40% people don’t wait for site takes to load more 3 seconds.

If you don’t know how to test the loading speed of a lawyer WordPress theme, Google has developed an awesome tool called PageSpeed Insights.

SEO Friendly


You might have many of awesome content posted in your website, but users couldn’t find them via search engines easily. This could happen if your website codebase is not perfectly optimized for SEO best practices. The are many of SEO aspects should be implemented while developing website templates like functionality to add and edit SEO friendly meta title and description, alt tag for images, nofollow for low quality outgoing links, semantic header distribution, link beautification, image size optimization, implementation of schema.org markup and so on.

Developed by Proficient Developers or Theme Club


This is the elusive point where the maximum of site owners fails to follow. Throughout my career, I have created heaps of WordPress themes for individual lawyers and law firms whose practice areas cover Admiralty, Intellectual Property, Labour, Human Right, Civil Rights, Entertainment, Environment, Family, and more. The thing I found common: they prioritize the rich and interactive visual interface while selecting website theme, they don’t care about the heads and technologies running behind it.

If you are among those, don’t do this again. Because prematurely developed site templates may create security flaws and prone to hacking, which become the reason to lose your valuable data and your potential visitors.

Trustworthy Section:


Trust is considered the ingrained part of a human nature, If they can’t rely on your site contents, they will never contact you for the consultancy. Now, the question is how to convince clients that you and your firm comply with their requirements, right? So, add some credible sections like Happy Client Testimonials and Interview, Practice Areas, Money Back Guarantee in the case of Failure,  Meet the Attorneys/Lawyers, Project Analytics,  and other social proofs.

If you think, they aren’t necessary to allure clients, let give a strong reason. A research conducted by Marketing Land says, “90% Of customers say converting intend are Influenced By online reviews”. If you are site is full of positive user testimonials, they act online reviews alike.

Infinitely Customizable & Time Saving Features:


Customization is the endless procession to keep your law firm website high converting and adaptive to visitors likings, trend moves so fast, sometimes it’s difficult  to wait for developers to make your desired A/B testing. In this circumstances, you must need a WordPress theme that are well-equipped with drag and drop page builders and pre-built page templates or layouts, which allow you to customize your site interface without writing a single line of code.

Content Rich Blog:


Blog plays one of the most pivotal roles when you want to make site viral and earn revenue.  Because content marketing is the most proven digital marketing strategy to drive utmost conversion, It can help to deliver the perfect message to target users and enhance your credibility among your readers.

If you’ve incredible proficiency in your practice area, you can build a strong social community  reaching with your extraordinary contents again and again. Blog contents are the most powerful to drive a pool of quality visitors from the search engines.

Compatible with Modern Browsers & must-have plugins:


A website is visited by the people from different parts of the world. Site visiting browsers can vary from country to country, operating systems to operating systems, and in some of the cases users to users. The most elusive part is: websites doesn’t behave the same in all browsers. Make sure your preferred WordPress theme supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and son.

When you are running a WordPress website, some of the plugins become with constant companions of your life like Yoast, JetPack, WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache, Akismet and Security Plugins. If your theme creates code conflicts with  those plugins, undoubtedly you have to buy a separate one.

Perpetual Updates


WordPress is powering more than 40% of top 1 million websites. So, WordPress websites are the prime target of hackers. You must have noticed WordPress core itself and popular plugins roll out frequent updates to incorporate the latest trend, technology, and be away from security flaws.  Double check while selecting WordPress Law Firm theme whether it can cope with up latest changes or not.


Say goodbye to hearsay. Overarchingly I’ve aligned all the key features of best law firm WordPress website theme to consider before downloading them for your law firm. Having read the entire article, you find I’ve missed any of points. Feel free inform me commenting below. I’ve mail notification turned on, waiting for your feedbacks.

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