Steps on how to buy a theme

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Identify the purpose of the theme

E!? To know what it will become? There were also times when I thought I was a Ninja president.
Let's take a deep breath and calm down once. So, the purpose is I want to make a website in WordPress. But in order to attract customers on the Web, I want to show the blog to an existing audience, many wants a cool design site instead of a business card. Once you are clear about the purpose, go to (2)! If it is troublesome, go to (5)!




Your WORDPRESS skill check

Can you customized a theme from raw PHP, well there are some who just change or modify the setting without writing the code. You can modify the HTML, CSS, by your own, also touch a little PHP, Let's check our skill level about using a plugin, installing it and etc. Fewer specifications are presented. Let's choose it to match the level of the theme.

※ There are many web designers who like to sell themes, but are hesitant to get started because support is terrible. Select the level of theme that suits as much as possible, let's not waste too much energy (So we don't get tired).
Since I did not proceed in Metal Gear Solid 4, I played on the easiest mode. Nothing shameful.
Eventually it could not be clear, but ....



The story of license

Once you Identify the purpose of the theme and the skill level of theme customization and setup is in sight, Here is story of one important license.

WordPress is the GPL. Social Ninja also in proportion to the WordPress community, it is 100% GPL.
I have seen a difficult story here, ninja president that you think is, WordPress does not become Fucking Windows, The spreads here free of charge, easy to use. Also thanks to the GPL there. It also is important to contribute to the community with free theme and spend a lot of their time at an additional cost, also we would like to cherish high quality ninja. In addition, all of the ninja has donated job sites business for the poor people of Bangladesh, to social business. I am glad that you purchased and it will be sympathetic to our thinking even a little.



Choose a theme!

So, back to the top, let's choose a theme. Take a look at reviews, features, price and amount donated using the search box, like theme details page




Purchase of theme

Once you have found your favorite theme now, buy it. First, click on the buy button on the top page and themes of the details page. Then comes out the user registration screen, then enter to jump to the Stripe of settlement page.

※Do not worry because your important credit card information is unknown to social ninja.



Review after purchase

Ninja made the theme and got very pleased to get the reviews after the purchase. It increases the motivation of production and good reviews and links to the improvement of the theme. Perhaps most of the people say Ninja would not have worked in only for the hills? In times when people feel challenging to work, I am happy and grateful for it. You might be so?