Terms of Use


By using any of our service in Social Ninja website including just browsing our website, you are agreeing to the Terms and Indemnification described below.
Attribution of rights

All the WordPress themes are fully licensed under the GNU general public license. GPL guarantee your freedom described below

1. The freedom to execute the program for any purpose
2. The freedom to investigate how the program works and to modify the software if needed
3. The freedom to redistribute copies of the software in order to help persons close to you
4. The freedom to distribute the modified version

Therefore, distribution or reuse themes can be decided by those who purchase themes. Our Ninja(=theme developers) contribute in the way of GPL by selling themes in Social Ninja and also they all contribute to a social business operated by Samepage ltd. to help the poor to live. As this social aspect of Social Ninja, we hope that you use purchased themes in positive manner for the sake of WordPress developers and users.

b) Rights of WordPress theme in Social Ninja belong to the developer of the theme. Copyrights of all the contents in Social Ninja including texts, images and video/animations belong to Social Ninja

2. Permission and Conditions to Use
a) You are responsible for using/modifying a theme you purchased. We do not guarantee that themes will work in all environments like browsers or with all versions of WordPress. You need an environment for WordPress to use a theme.

3. Purchase a Theme
a) You prepare appropriate server environment which WordPress version 4.0 or higher(preferably the latest available version) can work.
b) Though we check themes with all modern browsers including Chrome/FireFox/Safari
, we cannot guarantee browser compatibility. You should check demo site carefully and understand the pos-sibility of browser incompatibility before you purchase a theme.
c) Themes are compatible for WordPress basic functions including menu or widget customizer.

4. Payment
a) You pay only once to purchase a theme. For payment, you are able to use credit card(即時決済) or Visa/Master Card via Stripe. Your card information will not be disclosed to SocialNinja.

5. Cancel/Change/Refund
a) Once a file of your purchased item has been sent, you cannot cancel/change/refund on your purchase with regards to the digital nature of the goods. You should check demonstration site carefully and adequately consider to purchase a theme before you purchase it.
b) You need some knowledge including HTML, CSS or Javascript to modify a product. In case that you cannot modify, we do not offer a refund.
c) In addition to the description above, you may need knowledge of php or MySQL. If the purchased product is created in English, you may encounter problems like character corruption. In that case, you need to change it into Japanese by yourself. In case you cannot modify it by any reasons including the above, we do not offer a refund.

6. Prohibited Conduct
a) Usage for any offensive site to public order and morals or unlawful sites
b) Any activities to violate the Terms
c) Any activities to infringe the intellectual property
d) Any activities to infringe rights of Social Ninja or any third party
e) Measures for those who violates the terms
If we regard your activity as either of the above prohibited ones, we do terminate the activity completely or partially without notification and we do take any measures including legal steps to eliminate the violating activity.

7. Indemnification
a) We may update these Terms without your acceptance if it’s necessary. In case of the update, you agree to follow the updated Terms.
b) We are not responsible for any of your damage or disadvantage for the use of themes. We do not guarantee the performance of any machines and softwares you use.
c) In Social Ninja, we use cookies. It is created or updated when you access or login to our website. Basically, cookies don’t register information like password. Cookies can be used as follows. Once you send information by a form, later cookies allows the form to display this information. Cookies can be used for tracking for affiliate.
d) If we provide a page required to login with id and password, you can access to your personal information by your id and password. It is only you who can access to your information. It’s your responsibility to keep your password and registration information carefully to prevent from leaking your information. It is recommended that you log out of the website and close your browser to prevent anyone from accessing to your personal information or communication record.
e) You will download a file when you purchase a product in Social Ninja. You may encounter the following situation. You may not be able to open the downloading page or may not be able to download in case of poor internet connection or other reasons. We do not have any responsibility if you takes time to download products and it occurs any damage incurred as a result of the above situations.
f) We may introduce products via affiliate programs. Affiliate program is a system on the internet to introduce products or services in the acceptance of a distributor of the products and services. Therefore, some of products in Social Ninja cannot be purchased by us. You will have a transaction directly with the linked distributor to purchase the affiliate products. As there may be change of prices, details or taxes of prices, you should carefully read, understand and agree the information in the linked distributor’s website. We are not responsible for any purchase of affiliated products.
g) We prohibit to create any affiliate link to the affiliate products in Social Ninja or to introduce them. If you should create an affiliate link and someone purchase it, we do not pay the reward for the purchase.

8. Contact and Support
a) You can contact us via “a form of free support”.
b) If you have any questions, please have a look at “Q&A” before purchasing an item.

9. Commercial Use
a) You are free to use the purchased themes for commercial purpose to create websites for your customers.

10. Governing law
a) The Terms are governed by the laws of Japan. In case of any conflicts or disputation related to Social Ninja, the first trial will be held at Tokyo District Court.

11. Changes of the Terms
a) We may up-date these Terms without your acceptance if it’s necessary. In case of the update, you agree to follow the up-dated Terms.