Is Your Attorney Website Mobile-Friendly? These 5 Sites Test You Now

Do you know 2.6 billion people use smartphone globally where Americans own more 200 smartphones and 7% to 19% of them use smartphone to access the internet. If your legal website isn’t built with responsive layouts, I bet you’re losing your potential client those are trying access your website from their mobile phone. Not convinced? Check the following screenshot and learn how my programmer friend Robert Greiner got surprised finding his website bounce kissing the ground just after implementing responsive design in his personal website.

Moreover, a survey conducted by Custom Legal Marketing over the 1.5 million law firm websites and found 25% of the website are visitors who desperately look for attorneys / lawyers for their lawsuit support. As the smartphone users are increasing globally and they spend their relentless hours over the internet simultaneously. Don’t believe? Statistics shows 75% of Americans admit to bringing their phone to the bathroom.

Either have a legal website developed already, or going to make a new one, it’s time to make them mobile friendly, otherwise, Google will demote your attorney website ranking. If you don’t know how to perform check up over your existing or before purchase legal WordPress website theme with WooCommerce variation images support, I’ve curated 5 tools to test your responsiveness over iPhone, iPad, Tablet, and other mobile devices. Let’s dive in.

PowerFul 5 Mobile Friendly Testing Tools

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

The official mobile friendly testing tool by Google, tells you how Google crawlers render your website while deciding to promote or demote your site ranking. if your website that represents your professional law firm can pass the test successfully, the tool will notify with a green success message saying Awesome. In the case of failure, the message will turn red and show you reasons where to improve.

PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights is a dedicated tool to test your site mileage, which indicates how quickly it can load into desktop and mobile devices. But you can also utilize the tool for checking your website responsiveness. PageSpeed Insights grades the responsive test incorporating loading time. Unless your website loads faster, it denotes the reason which is annoying to mobile users.


mobiReady is a visually aesthetic tool to test how appealingly your website can appear into viewing devices like desktop, high-tier phone, mid-tier phone and low-tier phone. After analyzing your websites, the responsive testing tool scores your website from 1 to 5 with a message indicating details areas of improvements.

W3C mobileOK Checker

The tool is the widely popular tool among website developer because they need to check their website for optimized coding, image error, HTTP error and mobile friendly. Being an attorney/ lawyer you can ride this tool to check how amazingly your site land in mobile screens.


Every mobile device uniquely displays websites because they are not equal to in the screen size. As a lawyer you can’t check your legal official website in the variety of real mobile devices, right? But thanks goes to BrowserStack which is glutted with the powerful technologies, that allow you to virtually test your website on every popular mobile phone.

Bottom Line

These mobile friendly testing tools don’t require you to learn new tactics to operate these tools. Just head to the websites click on links, put your site URL and submit for the scan. To give you a quality recommendation, we need your help. Please put your comment and let us know which tool you find helpful.

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