7 Key Reasons Why Your Law Firm Needs A Successful Blog

Do you know 75% of lawyers are unhappy in their career? Thinking why?

In spite of having a strong professional law degree, years of practicing experience, and passing tough and competitive bar council exams some lawyers/attorneys return their home empty handed every day. Even I personally found, having fallen in 1,00,000 in debt and exponential frustration, attorneys email to their seniors asking  suggestion of alternative career path. curious to learn the reasons behind?

Legal Industry is pretty competitive, It’s really difficult for individual lawyers or startup legal firm to manage their first job. Because legal service is  such a service can build or destroy someone’s career within a day. In this situation clients don’t want to take a risk, they don’t rely on someone who isn’t widely popular or proficient in their legal practicing areas.   That’s why the legal industry extensively depends on referral-driven conversion.

Frustrated? Sorry for that. If you process a strong passion for the legal industry, you can be affluent even in your law school and found potential clients in willingness to hire you just after passing your bar association exam. sound fancy, right?

It’s scientifically proven that those law firms regularly maintain and publish helpful contents for clients legal guideline in their blog, is most likely to drive maximum conversion comparing than the firm don’t have a blog. aren’t convinced?

Meet John Grisham, Scott Turow, and Meg Gardiner, they are the famous attorneys in America, known for their professionalism and excellence. Have you noticed how they gained a supreme popularly?

The simple answer is through writing.

Let me take you a little bit further, I haven’t done yet.  Now, I will show how blogging taking your legal career to the next level. Let’s explore why you must blog for your shining career.

To Convince Clients

convince clients

Convincing clients even sitting in the same bench is difficult, how can you convince them over a virtual blog, right? But blogs possess an extraordinary power to convince them for you. Though more than half of the people don’t rely on the web content, because website owner tends to use false information to promote himself.  But when you write blog targeting your clients’ needs and expectation with a view to helping to get them out from legal issues quickly, they will start believing you and  they  must hire you when they are in any serious legal complication.

To Show Professionalism


Professionalism matter in all career, but when it comes to providing legal service, expert lawyers deploy their entire endeavor.  Because only a professional lawyer can seriously, effectively, respectfully provide the quality service  to their clients. When you manage a blog in your legal website, clients get repeated chances to reach your compartment. If they find your blog is adorned with valuable and high-quality contents like legal instructional videos, and photos, they can clearly calculate your professionalism. If you want to take inspiration to learn how best lawyers maintain professionalism in their blog, read this blog post to find a curated list of famous law blogs.

To Boost Branding


Suppose, you are in an emergency, you need to hospitalize one of your family members quickly. What will you do to call an Ambulance? I believe you try to look into your phone or diary to find out a number, right? So, if you consistently create helpful blog posts, people will be benefited in many ways. When they found your blog the best medicine for their legal impediment. they will note down your or legal website name as well as contact addresses. When they fall in any legal inconvenience, I bet they will hire your first.   If you want to learn more about legal branding, read this blog.

To Boost Social Marketing


Do you know more than 26 million people in Japan and 180 million people in America use are active in social media? That means you have a huge audience to promote your legal website. On top of that, social media users tend to read more content because they frequently check their social channels for latest updates, that can double the chance of conversion. If you’ve great control on your writing, you can share them in social media publishing in your website blog.

To Lead people


Do you think only legal clients look for help in your law firm blog? No,  there are many of law school students or junior attorneys visitor your website regularly. If those students and attorney get proper guideline from your website, they constantly follow you. You will notice, those students and attorneys quickly form a community where you will become a thought leader. They all seek your constant company to successfully deal complicated and major cases when they active work in the industry.

To Get Organic Traffic


Search engines are the reliable source of organic traffic. If you can rank your website for the best commercial keywords, you will find customers and clients automatically visiting your website and knocking for legal help. If you convince them accordingly, you can turn them as paying customer. Thinking how to rank your website keywords for search engines, right? Search engines prioritize quality contents, the more blog post you can write, the more search engines get a signal to rank your website high.

To Generate Referral


As you know, either it’s Japan or America, more 50% of legal clients are driven by referral-endorsement. If someone get fresh and effective legal facilities from your website. I bet, they will heartily promote you. To generate more referral-endorsement, you can you tactically post your success story denting how you handle a case and how your get success.  Such kind of post really attract customers and sometimes induces them to promote your service among their social gathering voluntarily.

Bottom Line

Now it’s era of content marketing. Every successful  lawyers/attorney write for legal blog or magazine. Because, besides  the business benefits, the habit of blog writing helps them to sharpen their knowledge. At the end, I would like to ask you a question.
If you love to write blogs, who often your write in a week?

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