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Remove information gap and make fair society for potential people


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Akihiro Takagi

Managing Director

Kanae Takagi

Cool Logo, Web Designer Ninja

Mhamudul Hasan

WordPress Ninja (26 Years Old)

Shahed Alam

Sales Ninja

David Borromeo

Front-end Web Developer Ninja

Yasunori Kawakami

Full Stack Engineer Ninja

Tomofumi Mitsukio

Senior Web Designer Ninja

Takagi’s History

I am Akihiro Takagi, the founder of SamePage, was born on August 20, 1982, about 33 years ago. I passed my childhood through the heaps of ups and downs. My father was an owner of a wholesale company, earned about 4 billion annual turnover selling household electric appliances in Hiroshima. I grew up in such an affluent family where my maternal grandmother was serial-entrepreneur. I was lucky having such a maid, I can depict the picture how gently she took me to Fukuya Hiroshima departmental store.

But when I was in elementary school, the sky-kissing growth of his father business started deteriorating and it was ended up through bankruptcy when I was fifth grade. Everything came to a standstill, the debt went extremely high, and the electricity, as well as the water supply of my house were cut off.

I could still remember, my father sadness turned into boundless joy when I get enlisted as a tennis player in junior high school tennis club and bought rackets in 2000 yen from the nearest supermarket while others clubmates purchasing expensive rackets. My father felt glad noticing my adjustment because in that age, children get a little bit embarrassed and envious having seen other that other fellow teammates possess expensive playing instruments.

When you are accustomed to in a luxurious lifestyle, you can’t feel the situation. But I am happy I could put myself in my father’s shoes, didn't ask for such amount of money that could hurt his dignity. Though I had hated to study in school high school located in the district suburb, found some friends had passed school life happily with them.

Afterward, I had been worked in an office for three years and been a karate player. But in the meantime something began to grow in me, I started feeling the lack of freedom and social welfares. So, I rewinded myself a couple of years back and started questioning to my heart where to go afterwards. After passing my high school internship program sponsored by Ministry of International Business, I had an opportunity to visit Bangladesh for six months as a companion of some of the educated and wonderful friends.

Having come to Bangladesh, my excitement turned into disappointment, even my heart got filled with remorse when I noticed the street children begging money to feed themselves. But on the other hand, the fact I found interesting, that Bangladeshi people is talented but they seldom get chances to prosper in life. After realizing the whole situation, I got determined to make a society where every talented individual can groom up their talent and pave their own way to the establishment. So, I found a company with a mission to remove information gap in the whole world.

How can I term? Luckily or mistakenly I got into my mind and tried to feel the pathetic situation and became sympathetic for the people living in the intense misery, that they don’t deserve. To lessen exponential pain in my heart, I approached for a mission to remove the information gap around the world rather than making profit from such and environment. So, I accumulated the scattered skilled people and empower their expertise with a fair opportunity that they are fit with.